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Professional Counselling Services

At Counselling Solutions For Life,

we understand that making the

decision to seek counselling can be

intimidating. We appreciate the

courage it takes to reach out for

help and assistance. We are here to

support you in your choice to seek

help for yourself and are pleased to

journey with you on your path

towards healing and well-being.

We are dedicated to providing professional counselling services that are client-focused and respectful of the faith and culture of all clientele. We offer therapy for personal issues, marriage & family concerns, grief and bereavement, health & stress management, depression & anxiety, workplace issues and more. We also offer Christian counselling, for those who wish to incorporate their faith within the counselling process. 

Consider some of the many benefits that you may gain from counselling therapy:

Having a safe place to talk & explore your thoughts, feelings, and concerns

Feeling heard and understood

Receiving compassionate support and encouragement

Gaining a broader perspective of your problem

Developing practical strategies to help you cope with your situation

Learning new communication skills

Increasing your sense of empowerment

Becoming more self-aware

Growing in self-confidence

Reducing discomfort and distress

Promoting hope, healing and well-being

Improving your relationships 

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Located in Brandon, Manitoba.

Serving Southwestern Manitoba,

including Westman, Parkland

and Assiniboine regions.